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Digital goods are great. Ebooks are great! And the best part is that you can download them from all over the world. There's no need to get out of the house to that tiny shop down the road and see if they have the book you're looking for. There's even no need for ordering them online and wait for the postman to deliver your book. You can instantly download the book right after payment.

Since there's absolutely no difference in physical location anymore, there's also no need to limit yourself to that one website you usually buy books from, 'cause did you know the prices differ a lot per website?

We like to make this easy for you, by comparing prices of all major websites. If you miss a website you like, do feel free to contact us!


Not everyone likes to remember ISBN codes and to make this website useful for those (normal) people, we offer various ways to find the book you're interested in. To do this, we heavily rely on Rakuten's awesome kobo API.

But no database has every single book ever written listed, so in those rare occassions where the kobo API fails us, we rely on Google's Books API.

To see where the results come from, we've added a little indicator at the bottom of the search results page.


Rates as recorded by the European Central Bank on 2018-07-19. Base currency is EUR.

Currency Rate
AUD 1.58040
BGN 1.95580
BRL 4.48740
CAD 1.53510
CHF 1.16220
CNY 7.85530
CZK 25.92000
DKK 7.45370
GBP 0.89298
HKD 9.09630
HRK 7.39380
Currency Rate
HUF 325.77000
IDR 16773.63000
ILS 4.23930
INR 80.01550
ISK 124.40000
JPY 130.98000
KRW 1320.68000
MXN 22.10670
MYR 4.72310
NOK 9.57630
NZD 1.72290
Currency Rate
PHP 62.18000
PLN 4.32800
RON 4.65750
RUB 73.55850
SEK 10.35650
SGD 1.59090
THB 38.79700
TRY 5.59570
USD 1.15880
ZAR 15.60030

Price differences

Although we can now buy ebooks from all over the world, not all stores accept the same currency. Some stores want US dollars, others want Euros. This obviously makes comparing prices hard. To make it easier, we convert all prices to a single currency for you. For this, we use the exchange rates set by the European Central Bank. This conversion rate may be slightly different than the rates the sellers use.

Some stores also calculate VAT and usually this differs per country. So a visitor from Germany might see a different price than a visitor from Australia. It's near impossible to calculate this for everyone, so also here slight differences may occur between the prices we display and the prices you end up paying.